Who am I ?

Alban Cambe grew up in Brittany, a granitic region of Western France. Without knowing the word « Bushcraft », his grand-mother put a piece of Rumex acetosa in his mouth when was only 8. She then showed him wild carrots and pignuts and there he went down into the rabbit hole…

His readings involved a lot of Sherlock Holmes stories, H.P Lovecraft’s and Stephen King’s writings, european comics such as Tintin, Blake and Mortimer but also the Batman series. Surely, it developed its thirst for adventure and the will to learn and understand his environment.

During his studies at college, he rediscovered plenty of useful natural resources such as plants, fungi and rocks. He became a Science Teacher in 2012 but kept teaching Bushcraft to teenagers.

Alban is the author of « Nature Aventure Survie », the french reference book of Bushcraft. Since 2016, he writes for « Survival Magazine » dealing with outdoors and bushcraft. He writes about what he loves the most : Nature, Ecology and a little bit of fiction.

« Nature Aventure Survie », the NPO

Alban Cambe is also the founder of the NPO « Nature Aventure Survie » which focuses on teaching Bushcraft throughout France.

Our courses run all year round and are as short as a walk in the woods or as long as a week in the wilderness. We teach several topics such as firelighting, edible and medicinal plants and fungi, bushcraft, natural navigation and natural history.

Throughout our Bushcraft & Natural Navigation courses, we try to rise the awareness concerning natural resources, wildlife and ecology. We strongly believe that when people understand the true value of their environment they are ready and willing to preserve it.

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